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About me

I'm a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) specializing in online counseling across the state of North Carolina and internationally. I have 16 years experience as a therapist in various settings: private practice, community mental health, and university. I'm also a clinical supervisor for other therapists.

Beyond the professional qualifications, I'm a human like you.

I get that life is incredibly hard at times. It can be painful and unpredictable. It can feel unmanageable and worth escaping. I have been there.

I understand what it feels like to hit low points that feel insurmountable. And I also know what it takes to find your way back out towards a life that you actually want to wake up to.

I am passionate about helping people reduce the impact of strong emotions that keep them up at night or make days seem unbearable.


I get energized by teaching people new strategies for communicating and relating effectively with others in their lives. 


I believe that every person has the ability to live the better life they want to be living.  

Are you ready to feel differently? I provide action-oriented treatment for those who want to get some clarity and learn strategies to achieve their goals. 


If you are at a crossroads and are ready to head towards the life you want to be living, I'm excited to head down that road with you!

My qualifications to do this.



  • Master of Science in Community Agency Counseling from North Carolina State University

  • Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction from The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Spanish Language from The University of Texas at Austin.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Nationally Certified Counselor (#238983)

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (#7963)

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (#S7963)

  • Florida Out-of-State Telehealth Provider (#TPMC1399)

  • Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH)  (#1017)

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Intensively Trained Clinician, through Behavioral Tech (an affiliate of the Linehan Institute)

Professional  Memberships

  • American Counseling Association

  • Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina

  • American Telemedicine Association

Who I am.


I am originally from Texas. I'm a middle kid and am blessed to have 2 wonderful siblings. I like They have amazing children who call me Aunt Heather and these 6 nieces & nephews fill my heart.


Growing up, I had always planned to be a teacher. After a brief stint teaching middle & high schoolers, I realized I hadn't quite found my ideal career fit, but I knew I was on the right track.


I worked in Student Life at the University of Texas in Austin, TX (worth a visit!) with college student leaders and realized my love for helping people to develop into the versions of themselves that feels most true and meaningful. So, I came to Raleigh, NC in 2004 and pursued a degree in counseling at NC State University while continuing to work in Student Life at NCSU.


I absolutely love what I do. I love being part of helping people to change their lives and feel the way that I think we are all meant to feel. And I now call NC home (unless I'm at my childhood house with Mom) and I try to enjoy all this lovely state has to offer. 

When I'm not counseling, you might also catch me doing some writing, biking, running, gardening, watching/reading something a client recommended, spending quality time with my partner, connecting with friends, or planning my next trip for some rejuvenation time.

If you think we might be a fit, set up a free consultation to discuss what we can achieve for you with online counseling! 

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Schedule a free 15 minute video consultation to discuss your needs and determine if we are a good fit.

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