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Develop & hone your skills.

Clinical Supervision for Counselors

I provide board-approved Clinical Supervision for Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associates (LCMHCAs) and ongoing supervision for counselor professionals in the state of North Carolina.

I am truly passionate about providing high quality clinical supervision to help clinicians at all levels grow and develop into skilled and talented professionals, enabling them to help and support even more people.

Counseling is such a powerful process through which people can work towards and achieve the life satisfaction they desire. I have seen it transform my own life and the lives of so many, and I feel privileged and grateful to be able to participate in the process.

My Supervision Experience and Background

My supervision experience includes over 20 years of supervising and training counselors, mental health support staff, graduate students, human services staff and other professionals. I am enthusiastic about teaching and training with effective and interactive strategies. My clinical supervision training includes more than sixty coursework hours in formal supervisory education, including video supervision.

I obtained licensure as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (LCMHCS) from the NCBLCMHC in June 2015. I'm specially trained in providing distance (online) supervision, which offers convenience and efficiency to the supervision process. I truly enjoy clinical supervision and the opportunity to support counselors in the development of their professional skills and identities.  

My Supervision Approach


My approach to supervision is grounded in developmental and multi-cultural models of supervision. This means that we initially assess your unique strengths and areas for growth in specific, crucial categories and work to develop in all areas as needed over the course of supervision.


My goal throughout the supervision process is to provide you an effective balance of guidance, support and challenge to assist you in developing both professionally and personally. My role is to create a safe and supportive environment in which you can explore, process, grow, and learn.


Sessions will be structured and intentional, with a focus on: specific clinical skills, counseling theory & approaches, your self-awareness, client welfare, tailoring treatment methods to client needs, and your professional/administrative counselor tasks.


My role as a supervisor is also to ensure that ethical and high quality counselors enter the profession. I work with each supervisee towards achieving that goal using a variety of methods and through the development of a trusting and supportive supervision relationship.

Clinical Supervision Rates 


$105 per 55 min individual LCMHCA supervision session


$150 per 55 min triadic LCMHCA supervision session ($75 per supervisee)

$145 per 55 min supervisory consultation session for fully licensed counselors

($35 per 15 min)

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