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Why do I have anxiety?

You are smart.

You try hard and you work hard.

You want to do your best.

And yet…

You can’t turn off your brain from the constant over-thinking.

You have all this doubt.

You worry that you are not good enough, not likeable enough, not attractive enough, not doing enough… NOT ENOUGH.

You worry that you will say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, BE the wrong thing.

You worry that you won't be able to handle the task, the meeting, the conversation, the situation, the pressure, the expectation.

And so…

You try to deal with this worry and make these feelings just a little less intense.

dark road at night depicting anxiety and overwhelm that can improve with online counseling at

Anxiety can feel like being on  dark road alone, with no end in sight.

Which means…

You might dread Sunday nights and the start of a new week,

avoid and put off important or necessary conversations, 

not say what you really want and need,

live in a constant loop and fear of "what if..."

You might eat just a little too much,

drink just a little too much,

exercise a little too much,

sleep a little too much,

be UNABLE to sleep a little too much.

You might avoid people a little too much,

distract yourself with entertainment a little too much,

stay online a little too much,

work long hours a little too much,

re-check your work for perfection just a little too much. feel unhappy with your thoughts, yourself, and your life... just a little too much.

Let’s change this.

Imagine yourself feeling more confident in your daily life and doubting yourself less.
Imagine not having that pit in your stomach for days when you think you said or did the "wrong" thing.
Imagine fearing less that others are mad at you or hurt by you.
Imagine being able to enjoy time around friends and co-workers without feeling so unsure of how you measure up.
Imagine feeling like you are NOT failing. Not a failure. Feeling steady inside yourself and in the world.
Imagine it.
Can you see yourself?
Can you see the version of you that is enjoying your life and more at ease with who you are?
Let’s get you there.

Explore Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

to reduce anxiety and improve mood


CBT is the gold-standard form of therapy for anxiety-related concerns. It's a highly effective and well-researched form of treatment. It is used to treat a wide variety of issues and concerns that we face as humans (worry thoughts, sleep difficulties, sadness, hopelessness, traumatic reactions, panic attacks, social avoidance, substance use....the list is long).


CBT involves looking at the links between our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviors and identifying ways to modify the links when they are not helpful.

I provide support, guidance and compassion to meet you where you are and make those modifications feel doable.

Learn more about CBT and how it can help you or set up a free consultation to discuss what we can achieve for you with online counseling!

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