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Workplace Training, Consultation, and Assistance

If your workplace or team dynamics aren't as smooth as you would like, or if your team seems to be struggling, I can help. With over 20 years of leadership experience, I have enthusiasm and strength in developing well-rounded teams and improving the workplace! 

Prior to becoming a counselor, I served as a leader and supervisor in multiple large-scale university settings. I then managed staff and programs in mental health settings and currently provide clinical supervision.

My areas of workplace expertise include:

  • Coaching people one-on-one regarding barriers to success, life & job satisfaction, emotional & mental wellness

  • Communication skills (ex: creating alliance, validation, delivery style, reflective listening, word choice, negotiation & persuasion techniques, body language, demeanor, assertiveness)

  • Creating a culture of mindfulness (personally and in the work environment)

  • Interdepartmental coordination and communication – identifying and bridging gaps

  • Leadership style and development (identify leader strengths & barriers to effective management; use both effectively to motivate and lead effectively)

  • Mediating staff conflict or interpersonal difficulties and barriers to collaboration

  • Proactive problem solving skills and effective decision-making

  • Stress & anxiety reduction strategies using cognitive shifts, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and other effective behaviors

  • Team building and cohesiveness (goal-setting, process creation, infrastructure for successful teamwork)

  • Time management strategies for efficiency and consistency

I provide customized presentations and consulting online and in-person. Contact me for references and to learn more!

building being constructed that represents building a better workplace through help from
humans writing on papers and collaborating well after business consultation from
business leaders talking in distance with improved skills learned via
doctors tending to a baby because every occupation needs positive skills from

Work better.

officer talking to children with new communication skills learned from
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